You and your team, service, partnership and organisation can make a difference.


Working For Health Equity : The role of the health professionalsBy using the Health Inequalities Self Assessment (HISA) to transform your practice.

It can support health and social care services to address inequalities in health by challenging them to identify where action is needed and possible in frontline practice within service planning and strategic practices and in partnership it considers:

  • Working with individuals
  • Workforce learning and development
  • Quality of services
  • Working in partnership
  • Employing staff and procuring goods and services
  • Advocating for individuals, communities and lobbying for change

Transform your practice through shared learning and understanding and identify the collective action you can take to make a difference to inequalities in health.

The HISA has been informed by the report ‘Working for Health Equity: The Role of Health Professionals’ (UCL Institute of Health Equity, March 2013)

You can access the Health Inequalities Self Assessment (HISA) by clicking on this link